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  • Best Scooter for Senior Citizens

    Best Scooter for Senior Citizens

    Different people have different views on the same object. That's because everyone's experience is different, which makes them look at issues from different angles, so they have different views. Likewise, with different needs, we evaluate things differently. For seniors w...
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  • Are 4-wheel Scooters Safe

    Are 4-wheel Scooters Safe

    When it comes to scooter, people often think of two-wheeled balance scooters or two-wheeled electric vehicles. These are exclusive items for young people. They either require skill to control, or they are too fast to control. Another important part of Scooter is a scoote...
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  • What Are The Types of Wheelchairs

    What Are The Types of Wheelchairs

    Just as no two leaves are alike in the world, everyone is unique. Well, everyone's needs are different, even if these needs have something in common. Wheelchairs meet the travel needs of most disabled people or mobility limited people. But everyone's situation is differe...
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  • What Can You Use Instead of A Wheelchair

    What Can You Use Instead of A Wheelchair

    Although the emergence of wheelchairs has greatly facilitated mobility limited people. But a wheelchair is not perfect, it can only meet your needs to some extent, but not all of your needs. So there will be people looking for an alternative to a wheelchair. Someone will...
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  • What is The Weight Limit on Mobility Scooters?

    What is The Weight Limit on Mobility Scooters?

    We all know that the manufacturer of mobility scooter has a load limit when reproducing 4-wheel scooter. Different models of elderly mobility scooter have different load capacities due to different overall design, frame structure and materials. Many users of handicap mob...
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  • How Electric Wheelchair Works

    How Electric Wheelchair Works

    There are records about wheelchairs in ancient China and medieval Europe, but they are all prototypes of wheelchairs. We can see the shadow of the wheelchair, but it is different from the current wheelchair. This also illustrates the importance of wheelchairs to mobility...
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  • Do You Need a Mobility Scooter?

    Do You Need a Mobility Scooter?

    Mobility scooter has many other names. For example, handicap scooter, elderly scooter, medicare scooter, etc. These names are all in the description: mobility scooter is the exclusive use of people who are physically handicapped or whose actions do not change. T...
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  • What is A Patient Lift Used for

    What is A Patient Lift Used for

    Many people may not know what patient lift is, or what the application scenarios of patient life are. I will introduce to you what kind of device the patient lift is. Patient lift is also called patient hoist or hoyer lift. The electric lift can realize the safe transfer...
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  • How to Make Your Wheelchair Easy to Push

    How to Make Your Wheelchair Easy to Push

    The emergence of wheelchairs greatly facilitates the daily life of the elderly or the disabled. Wheelchairs can be roughly divided into two categories: electric wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs. Manual wheelchair is an important mobile tool for the wounded, sick and disabled at home for rehabil...
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  • Wheelchair Attachment Devices

    Wheelchair Attachment Devices

    The first is to buy a wheelchair in a brick-and-mortar store. Buying a wheelchair in a physical store can see the quality of the goods, have a clear and intuitive understanding of the wheelchair, and can operate it in person. In addition, buying a wheelchair in ...
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  • Ways to Buy a Wheelchair

    Ways to Buy a Wheelchair

    For senior or elderly, wheelchairs are indispensable in their daily life, and wheelchairs will accompany them to spend most of their time, so be careful when purchasing a wheelchair, and choose the most suitable and high-quality wheelchair according to your own situation...
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  • Are Electric Scooters Safe for Seniors

    Are Electric Scooters Safe for Seniors

    When it comes to electric scooter, which one do you think of? Two-wheeled balance scooters for kids and young adults or electric scooters for the elderly and disabled with three or four wheels? Young people use scooter as a means of transportation, and more as a way of l...
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