How to Make Your Wheelchair Easy to Push

The emergence of wheelchairs greatly facilitates the daily life of the elderly or the disabled. Wheelchairs can be roughly divided into two categories: electric wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs. Manual wheelchair is an important mobile tool for the wounded, sick and disabled at home for rehabilitation, turnover transportation, medical treatment and outing activities.Wheelchairs not only meet the mobility needs of the disabled and people with reduced mobility, but also facilitate their family members to move and take care of them, allowing users to exercise or participate in social activities. The main driving method is to push or the user to turn the wheel of the wheelchair. So, which wheelchair is the easiest to push? Next, we will introduce the reasons that affect the driving of wheelchairs. Meanwhile, you will know "What makes your wheelchair hard to push?"

We divided the factors that affect wheelchair propulsion into two categories. The first category is the wheelchair itself.
Frame weight. Wheelchairs with light weights are naturally better to push than heavier ones. When conditions permit, we recommend that you choose a wheelchair with an aluminum alloy and carbon fiber frame.

Tire wear is also an important factor affecting wheelchair propulsion. When serious tire wear is found, it must be replaced in time.
Seat height and location. The height and position of the wheel determine the center of gravity of the wheelchair. So be sure to choose the right wheelchair.
The size of the tires, the big wheels are easier to push. Large wheels can drive relatively smoothly on uneven roads. For electric wheelchairs, it is better to use small wheels, which will facilitate driving.

Handlebars length and material, and whether the design is ergonomic
The second category is external causes.
Condition of the road. The bumpy road is definitely more difficult to drive than the smooth road, so try to choose a smooth one.
In addition to the reasons mentioned above, there are also manipulations to make pushing the wheelchair easier. For example, when going up and down steps or passing obstacles, let the rear wheel pass first.

The above are the main reasons that affect the pushing of wheelchairs. If you have any questions or want to consult our products, please contact us, we are online 24 hours a day, ready to serve you.

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