What Are The Types of Wheelchairs

Just as no two leaves are alike in the world, everyone is unique. Well, everyone's needs are different, even if these needs have something in common. Wheelchairs meet the travel needs of most disabled people or mobility limited people. But everyone's situation is different. Although wheelchairs can meet their travel needs, it is difficult to meet some needs such as climbing stairs and going to the bathroom. At this time they may need some wheelchairs with special functions to meet their needs. Therefore, there are many wheelchairs on the market that can meet different needs. There are so many types of wheelchairs that you can't tell them apart. Today, I will help you distinguish the types of wheelchairs from the two aspects of power plant and function.

What Are The Types of Wheelchairs2

According to the power device of the wheelchair, we divide the wheelchair into electric wheelchair and manual wheelchair.

1. Manual wheelchair: As the name suggests, a manual wheelchair is a wheelchair that pushes the wheelchair forward by manpower. This is also the most common type of wheelchair.

2. Electric wheelchair: Electric wheelchair usually refers to a wheelchair that provides kilometers to the motor through the battery to drive the wheelchair.

Wheelchairs can be divided into many categories according to their functions. We only list a few common functional wheelchairs here.

1.Light Wheelchair: This type of wheelchair is generally very light. Often used for travel because of its light weight and portability. Some models of light wheelchairs can also be taken onboard.

2.Heavy-duty Wheelchair: This type of wheelchair is just the opposite of the first type. It is for heavy users. In addition to the high load capacity, this type of wheelchair can also adapt to almost all terrains.

3.Commode Wheelchair: This commode wheelchair is made by modifying the seat of an ordinary wheelchair and adding a detachable urinal below.

4.Stair Climbing Wheelchair: If you live in a building and don't have an elevator, then you definitely need this wheelchair that can climb stairs.

In addition to the types of wheelchairs introduced above, there are many more that we have not mentioned, such as: Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair, standing wheelchair and so on. If you have special needs, please contact us. We are a professional wheelchair manufacturer, we are willing to help you make your life easier.

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