What is A Patient Lift Used for

Many people may not know what patient lift is, or what the application scenarios of patient life are. I will introduce to you what kind of device the patient lift is. Patient lift is also called patient hoist or hoyer lift. The electric lift can realize the safe transfer of paralyzed patients and incapacitated people between beds, wheelchairs, seats and toilets.

Electric lifts have obvious characteristics and are widely used in a wide range of scenarios. In addition to meeting the daily lifting care needs of home care, they can also be used for nursing care in hospitals. And some improved styles have targeted usage scenarios, such as a lift that specifically transfers the user to the car seat.


Next, I will show you its application scenarios through the introduction of the characteristics of patient lift. Make you have a clear and intuitive understanding of the lift.
1. The legs of the casters can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of 0°-38° to meet the angle requirements when moving to various wheelchairs, seats, toilets and hospital beds.
2. The height of the lift arm can be adjusted, in addition to shifting the user, it can also lift the fallen patient from the ground.
3. The lift hook can be rotated at any angle of 360 degrees, which is convenient for the patient to adjust to a comfortable position at any time during the transfer.
4. The electric lift is equipped with a safety emergency stop device. After pressing, the equipment will stop running immediately, and the safety is guaranteed. Patient lift stays on four swivel wheels for easy steering and shifting.
5. The rear wheel of the lift is equipped with a brake, which can prevent the lift from slipping or sliding during use.

The characteristics and usage scenarios of electric lifts are complementary to each other. The use places of lifts can be families, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and other institutions. The lifts are very practical in the daily life of mobility limited people. of. It can be operated by a single person, which greatly facilitates the work of nursing staff. It is also that the user can be transferred comfortably. We are a professional patient lift supplier. Has more than ten years of experience in patient lift foreign trade, and has a complete range of patient lifts. If you need it, please contact us. Our service personnel are online 24 hours a day to answer your questions about purchase and use.

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