Wheelchair Attachment Devices

The first is to buy a wheelchair in a brick-and-mortar store. Buying a wheelchair in a physical store can see the quality of the goods, have a clear and intuitive understanding of the wheelchair, and can operate it in person. In addition, buying a wheelchair in a brick-and-mortar store eliminates the time spent on transportation, and you can get the goods after payment without waiting. Brick-and-mortar stores also make after-sales service easier. But the physical store has limited space, and the goods that can be displayed and sold are also limited, and these limited goods are often difficult to meet the needs of buyers.


These three wheelchair attachments can easily convert your manual wheelchair into a power wheelchair. The first is a device installed behind a manual wheelchair. It uses the power of the device itself to propel the wheelchair forward. This device is generally smaller, so it can provide less power. In addition, the direction is not well controlled when using such a device. We can think of the second manual wheelchair power add-on device as a combination of the motor and battery of the electric wheelchair. It won't give your manual wheelchair a noticeable change in appearance like the other two devices. It will make your manual wheelchair look more like a regular electric wheelchair.

Today, I will take our product as an example, and focus on the third manual wheelchair attachment handbike. This wheelchair attachment device is easy to install and remove. There are also two ways of connecting, one is to the bottom of the wheelchair and the other is to the sides of the wheelchair. This kind of electric handbike is relatively large, leaving us a relatively large space for design and installation. Therefor its battery capacity is larger than the common electric wheelchair. Because it's a traction unit, we've equipped it with a more powerful motor. His power and endurance are far beyond the ordinary power wheelchair. If you want to know about this electric handbike for manual wheelchair, don't hesitate any more, contact our staff now.

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