A Chair with Commode

For some disabled people, the elderly and other people with limited mobility, it is very difficult to go to the bathroom. Then you need a commode chair. Put it in the bedroom and you won't have to go too far to solve the toilet problem. Having said that, some people will ask, what is a commode chair? Commode chair is a type of chair used by someone who needs help in going to the toilet for disease, injury, disabled or aging. Some commode chairs are with wheels to allow easy transport from bed to the bathroom or shower. Most commode chairs have a removable commode. Next, I will answer your questions about the commode chair.
Do I need a commode chair?
A commode chair is a portable toilet. A regular wheelchair is moving help equipment. So which wheelchair is needed depends on the physical condition of the user. If you cannot take care of yourself or have poor standing function, a wheelchair with a toilet is necessary. If you can take care of yourself only as a means of transportation, there is no need to buy a wheelchair with a urinal, you can just use a normal wheelchair.
Can a commode chair be used as a wheelchair?
Although they can all be called commode chairs. But the specific functions are still different. There are commode chairs just to solve the problem of going to the toilet for the elderly or people with constant mobility. But there are other models of products not only to solve the toilet problem of the elderly or the disabled, but also have the function of transfer. Such models can be used as a wheelchair.
How to use commode chair
First of all, you need to adjust the height of the commode chair to ensure that your feet can touch the ground after sitting on it. Then place the commode chair against the wall, and make sure that the commode chair is stable and does not wobble. Then hold the handles and sit in the middle of the commode chair. This is the usage and precautions of the commode chair. In the process of use, if necessary, seek help in time.
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