What is Evacuation Chair


With the development and progress of science and technology, the buildings where people live and work are getting higher and higher, and the density of living is also increasing. When a disaster occurs, people often cannot escape in time due to high buildings, complicated corridors, and crowded crowds. An important reason for these situations is the lack of necessary rescue and escape tools at the scene.

If the emergency rescue and escape tools such as stretchers and rope ladders are equipped at home or in public places, it is a waste of money and space, which is very uneconomical. A chair is an essential piece of furniture in every home, and it is also indispensable at work. But the chair can only be seated by people and has no other special functions. But what if the chair could be transformed into a tool that you can sit on and evacuate in an emergency? Then a new type of evacuation tool emerged. It's called an escape chair or evacuation chair.


The working principle of this evacuation chair is to add a crawler under the chair, which is powered by batteries to go up and down the stairs. It is more common in public places and is used to escape from disasters such as fires, so it is also called fire evacuation chair. It is easy to operate and can be operated by one person. Foldable for easy storage without taking up space. The emergence of this kind of stair climber has greatly enriched the types of emergency rescue tools, enabling people to escape in time when encountering an emergency.

However, this stairs wheelchair is not without its shortcomings. He still knows an evacuation tool and cannot be perfectly combined with our commonly used life tools. So, on this basis we ushered in the new stair climbing wheelchair. Our products are more practical and can be used not only for emergency evacuation, but also as ordinary wheelchairs. Under normal circumstances, families that need to prepare an evacuation chair are mostly because there are elderly or disabled people at home. And they also need tools to gain mobility freedom in their daily lives, and wheelchairs are their first choice. And our climbing wheelchair combines them perfectly. You only need to buy a stair climbing wheelchair to have all the functions of a wheelchair and an evacuation chair.

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