How to Use Patient Lift Safely

Patient lift is also called patient hoist or patient crane, makes patient or mobility limited people can move from bed to chair or toilet. It is widely used in hospitals and families. There are many details that require our attention in the process of lifting and transferring patients.

Safely Use

Safely Use

1. Check whether the battery has power and whether the hooks are connected normally. Whether the Sling is worn.

2. Select the sling that suits the size of the user, place patient in sling.

3. After fixing the parts of the patient lifter, push them to the appropriate position. Then connect patient lift, sling, hooks. Raise the patient lift slowly, preferably supporting the patient's back when lifting.

4. After lifting the patient, separate the base legs of the lift machine so that they can be pushed into a suitable position, and then slowly lower the patient to make the patient fall on the bed or wheelchair steadily.

5. When the patient falls down accidentally, the patient can also be lifted by the lift, but it is necessary to pay attention to whether the patient can use the lift. Also protect the patient's head and back to prevent secondary injury.


1. It is necessary to confirm that the patient's physical condition can use the lift, and also pay attention to whether the user's weight exceeds the upper limit of the lift.

2. Select the most suitable patient lifts according to the specific situation of the user. There are some differences in the functions of different patients.

3. Before use, check whether the power cord, electric control box, sling and other components are damaged, and whether the connection of each component is loose.

4, pay attention to the preservation of the environment. Avoid storage in high temperature or humidity. Also do not use in hot or humid conditions.

5. If you need to stop in case of emergency during use, you need to press the emergency stop switch.

6. If the power cord or plug is damaged, fallen off, damaged, the instrument is not running well, the screws are loose, etc., please do not use it

7. For home use, read the instructions carefully, and contact the staff in time if you do not understand.


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