Preparations before Traveling with A Wheelchair

Preparations Before Traveling with a Wheelchair

Why do we travel? Everyone has their own answer. Some people do it to let themselves take a break in the middle of work, some people do it for adventure, and some people do it to jump out of their own circle and see a different world. In general, traveling can allow people to see more diverse worlds, and thus love and cherishthe present life more. For wheelchair users, being able to travel frequently is not only good for their bodies, but also for their minds. Wheelchair users should prepare strategies before travelling. If you are traveling by plane, contact with the airline in advance to make sure that your wheelchair can be brought on board. In addition, make sure that your wheelchair will perform well during travel. 

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If you want your wheelchair to perform well on your trip, it needs to be checked before you go. So What should you check before using a wheelchair? Next, I will summarize some key inspection items for you.

1. Regularly check the metal parts of the wheelchair.

There are three main materials for making wheelchairs, namely steel, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. In addition to carbon fiber, the other two will rust. At the same time, most of the parts of the wheelchair are made of steel. Rust can reduce the strength of the metal, cause parts to break, and cause injury to users. Therefore, it is necessary to check the rust of the wheelchair and remove the rust in time.

2. Check the tire wear. The process of using a wheelchair is the process of tire wear.

When the tires are found to be severely worn, they should be replaced in time to ensure that the braking system of the wheelchair can be used normally.

3. Check whether the nuts and bolts are loose.

Loose bolts will cause the wheelchair parts to shake and reduce the stability of the wheelchair. This will not only affect the comfort of the wheelchair, but may also cause irreversible damage to the wheelchair.

4. Check the spokes of the tire for slack.

Try to keep all spokes at the same tension. The spokes should not be too loose, just ensure that the spokes are not deformed when they are lightly pressed.

5. Lubricate the moving parts in time.

If there is a phenomenon such as stuck when pushing the wheelchair in a straight line, add lubricating oil to the bearings and linking parts in time. If there is a phenomenon that deviates from the implementation track, it is necessary to find an after-sales maintenance inspection in time.

In addition to checking the condition of the wheelchair before use. Also pay attention to the habits of daily use and storage conditions of the wheelchair. For example, do not store wheelchairs in humid or hot places. Keeping the wheelchair in the best condition not only facilitates the user, but also reduces the probability of danger.

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