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We mainly produce electric power wheelchair、electric folding wheelchair、portable electric wheelchair、wheelchairs for the disabled、manual wheelchair、electric wheelchair attachment、wheelchairs for the disabled、hospital wheelchair、Lightweight wheelchair、Foldable wheelchair and also have a professional mold manufacturing department that can design and produce wheelchair molds according to different requirements of customers.

Electric wheelchairs in wheelchairs can provide us with better convenience for travel, reduce the burden of our travels, and are also safer. The equipped braking system can ensure safety very well.

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Production Transportation and Applications

We have a complete production system, and through step-by-step division of labor and cooperation, each step is strictly controlled to ensure the smooth production of products.

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Production transportation

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1. Factory of origin. Realize Profit maximization.

2. Quality assurance. We have stable customers in the United States, Germany, Türkiye and other countries.

3. Product customization services.

4. OEM and ODM.

You can check the specifications on our website and contact me for pricing and other information.

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Customer Reviews

We have CE certificates, FDA certificates, and ISO system certificates, and our communication with clients is very close. We communicate with clients through different channels.

Customer Reviews

Our Company Goals

We are committed to providing customers with better and better products in auxiliary medical devices, ensuring customer satisfaction with our products, and making it convenient for every customer who uses our products. And we are happy to provide our high-quality service, we can do it for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

♥ About the payment
We accept T/T,LC,West union,paypal etc.More detail please contact us

Our factory production line is working all year.We have many in stock.Our Minimum Order Quantity is 1 PC.

♥ Shipment
Less than 10 pcs, 24 hours after your payment.If you need more, please contact us.

♥ Customer Service
We accept a variety of customization methods. Please contact us with specific requirements

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