What Is A Wheelchair Accessory?

Wheelchair accessory refers to a class of products that can increase the function of wheelchairs and meet the special needs of users. Common wheelchair accessories include wheelchair ramp, wheelchair lift, and wheelchair power add-on. For wheelchair users, the wheelchair is their legs, an essential tool in their daily lives. But now many wheelchair users are pursuing lightness, which makes wheelchair manufacturers simplify the functions of wheelchairs when producing wheelchairs. Therefore, when users have special needs, they need to use accessories to meet their needs. There are many types of wheelchair accessories, but two of them are the most in demand.



Wheelchair Power Accessory

Many people only consider the need at the time when buying a wheelchair, but things are constantly changing. For those who purchase an exercise wheelchair, they may wish to use the wheelchair to exercise. But exercise is only a small part of daily life, and that's when they're tempted to buy an electric wheelchair. But using two wheelchairs is not only inconvenient but also increases unnecessary expenses. Then they need the help of wheelchair accessory. There is a Wheelchair attachment handbike that turns a manual wheelchair into an electric wheelchair in five seconds. And the power is stronger than ordinary electric wheelchairs.




Wheelchair Lift Accessory

For wheelchair users, the most dreaded situation is going up and down stairs. Climbing stairs can be a challenge for anyone with normal mobility, let alone a wheelchair user. So the wheelchair lift platform appeared. But this product needs to be installed, and of course it cannot be moved, so it is of limited help to wheelchair users. At this time, a product called staircase climbing wheelchair appeared. It allows the wheelchair to go up and down stairs while also being able to use it as a motorized wheelchair.



In addition to producing wheelchair accessories such as wheelchair attachment, we also produce wheelchair parts such as joystick and wheels. If you have needs or have questions and want to consult, please contact our staff by phone or email. They will give you the most professional help.

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