Power Add-on Devices for Manual Wheelchairs

Power add-on devices are becoming new choice for Active Wheelchair Users. Comparing with power wheelchair, it has unique features that manual wheelchair doesn’t have. Power add-on devices usually contain front power add-on, rear power add-on and other models like wheel power. Each models have its features. But among all models of power add-on devices for manual wheelchair, front power add-on device for manual wheelchair, all things considering, is the best choice for users. It has a stronger power and is more easily to control for it is operated like common handbike. So please allow us to show its unique features. Meanwhile, we will also show other power add-on device features like Power wheels which is controlled by joystick . 


We will take our wheelchair attachment handbike as example. It carries 36V350W Brushless hub motor. That means it has a stronger  power than almost all power wheelchairs or power add-on devices.  Its max driving 

speed reach 25KM/H which is about four times power wheelchairs’. However, here comes some shortcoming for its stronger power. Stronger power often need the support of big capacity and high quality battery. So its size is bigger than other models of power add-on device corresponding. Even though the other models are compact and don't change the overall size of the wheelchair, less power or more hard to control are still exist and deserve considering. Some rear power add-on devices and power wheels need users’ operation to change direction, and is hard to climb slope and run on lawn or uneven road for it has less power. 


An Electric wheelchair handcycle is extremely good choice for longer outdoor journeys. It suits to wheelchair users who are still very active and independent. A wheelchair handcycle with stronger power not only means it has a faster driving speed, but also has a long driving distance and high weight capacity. Our EXC-2004 has 50KM max driving distance and can pull 150KG. Both of them are unreachable by rear power add-on and installed power devices like Power wheels . Each power add-on is easy conversion. For front or rear motor accessory of wheelchair, they are connected with manual wheelchair, and it is easy to detach. As to other power add-on devices, you just need cut off its power to make it re-become a manual power wheelchair.

If you are an active wheelchair user or want to experience beautiful scenery of nature in long distance with your manual wheelchair, we really recommend you this electric handbike. If you want to know more about it, please contact us or look through our website below. Our professional team will give you advise.


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