How to Charge Mobility Scooter

There are various types of Mobility scooter on the market, which means there are various types of battery for the scooter. Different batteries mean big differences in performance, use and maintenance. If you are interested, you can go to our official website to read related news. Here we will introduce two charging modes of the Mobility scooter and matters needing attention during charging.


There are two ways to charge the Mobility scooter: one is directly charging which means to charge your four-wheel or three-wheel electric scooter directly, and the other is battery charging which means to remove the battery and charge it. You can charge your Mobility scooter with the most convenient of two options. Removing the battery and charging it will save space for the user. To charge the device directly on the Mobility scooter, turn off the power of the Sooter first. At the same time, make sure that charging is carried out in a dry and ventilated place, and the charger and battery cannot be covered with anything. Whether you charge the Scooters directly or remove the battery from them, the charging port is usually on the battery. Note, however, that not all Of the Mobility scooter's batteries are removable. If you need to take the battery off and charge it at home, make sure you use the mobility scooter with a removable battery.

There are a few things to pay attention to when charging. Check whether the rated input voltage of the charger is consistent with the power supply voltage; Check whether the charger matches the mobility scooter; Please use the special charger provided. First connect the output port plug of the charging appliance and the charging jack of the battery properly, and then connect the plug of the charger to the AC power supply. At this point, the power and charging indicator light on the charger indicates that the power is connected. The full charge time varies by type of battery, from about 8-10 hours for lead-acid batteries to about 6-8 hours for lithium-ion electric wheelchairs. When the charging indicator changes from red to green, it indicates that the battery is fully charged. Do not charge the battery for more than 12 hours; otherwise, the battery may be deformed and damaged. Here is some information about adult mobility scooter charging. If you have questions about motorized scooter, please contact us. Our professional team will give you support.


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