Senior Scooter with Rear Basket 4 Wheel Disable Scooter

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This 4-wheel electric scooter is for seniors and adults for home or travel. It is Heavy-Duty scooter and max weight capacity reach 150kg. This 4-wheel mobility scooter has a removable large capacity battery and a 300w motor. Double spring shock absorption for ultimate comfort. Solid tires are shock-absorbing and explosion-proof which ensure comfort and safety, while handling complex road conditions with ease. Strong climbing ability.

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Sturdy frame. The load capacity of this compact travel power scooter has been greatly improved and the service life has been extended. Can be used with confidence.

Excellent comfort. The seat is ergonomic and has the option of a high backrest. Long travel also doesn't get tired.

High quality motor, scooter is powerful. Large capacity battery ensures that the Scooter can run for a long time.

The control panel is simple in style. Easy operation, the lever controls forward and backward. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

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Model No. EXC-1006
Dimensions(L×W×H) 1290*520*1000
Max Forward Speed 10KM/H
Max Driving Gradient 12°
Max Driving Range 20KM
Weight Capacity 150KG
Tire Sizes Front 9" rear 10" solid
Brake System Electromagnetic Brake
Batteries Lead-acid 24V20AH
Charger DC24V2A
Motor 24V300W
Motor Controller 24V/50A
Weight 55kg(net), 65kg (gross)


Safety and comfort

Front Bumper to reduce impact. There are anti-roll wheels at the rear. Prevent the power mobility scooter from turning back when going up and downhill to ensure the personal safety of users. Ergonomic seat with the option of a high backrest. Comfort is also an important component.

Two modes

Power, manual gear changeover. Manual mode can be selected when the power is exhausted or other needs, and in the manual mode vehicle can only be pushed. In power mode, the vehicle cannot be pushed, which greatly improves the safety of the driving process.

Strong power

300W high performance high quality motor. Large capacity battery, long-lasting power. The combination of the two has brought a qualitative leap to Scooter.


pro (1)

Electromagnetic brakes, stop immediately without control.

pro (6)

Easy to operate. The lever controls the forward and back ward movement. Switches, speed , lights, horns.

pro (2)

Non-slip pedals. We've thought it through for your safety.

pro (3)

Bumper and anti-tips wheels ensure the safety of users.

Rear Basket Electric Mobility scooter, 4 Wheel Travel Scooter (2)

There is a large detachable plastic carry basket. Umbrellas and crutches can also be installed behind the Scooter. There are turn signals at the front and rear.

pro (5)

There are double shock absorbing springs at the front and rear. For a comfortable driving experience.

pro (7)

Manual and power modes. For specific circumstances, choose the appropriate mode.

pro (8)

The sturdy frame supports a weight of up to 150kg

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