How do Stair Climbing Wheelchairs Work?

How Do Stair Climbing Wheelchairs Work?

Wheelchair is a piece of equipment used by seniors or handicapped people to regain their personal mobility. However, if encountering stairs, the user will be helpless. Therefore, a wheelchair that can climb stairs was created. This stair climbing wheelchair can be divided into two categories. The first category is an auxiliary stair climbing device installed at the bottom of the wheelchair. The second category is a perfect combination of the wheelchair and the stair climbing device. This product can not only climb stairs but also be used as a wheelchair.





Wheelchair Climbing Stairs Mechanism


So, what is the principle that the staircase climbing wheelchair can climb stairs? Usually, the wheels of the vehicle are round, and such a design makes the vehicle run more smoothly. But its shortcoming is that the ability to cross obstacles is weak, so there are crawlers. The same is true of the working mechanism of the Mobile stair lift. We treat the stairs as obstacles and make them surmountable by replacing the wheels with tracks. During the climbing process, the stair climbing wheelchair covers the steps and moves in a straight line, so the fluctuation of the center of gravity is small, so it is very stable.


Safety of Stair Climbing Wheelchair


Climbing wheelchairs with tracks will transfer the pressure to the edge of the stairs. If the pressure is too high, it will damage the stairs and even affect the safety of users. And the user will feel insecure when using it for the first time, and if the posture is leaned forward, the wheelchair will overturn. The above are all problems that may occur during use, but please don't worry, the stair climbing wheelchairs we produce have solved these problems. Take our EXC-3002 as an example, this stair climbing wheelchair is equipped with 82CM long crawler tracks, which can completely cover three steps, thereby reducing the pressure on the stairs and increasing the stability during operation. In addition, our stair climber is also equipped with seat belts and head straps to ensure the safety of users when riding.



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