Difference between Tilt Wheelchair And Reclining Wheelchair

Wheelchairs can be divided into many categories according to their functions, and wheelchairs with different functions have their own names. These names can help us quickly understand the function of the wheelchair, so as to deduce what kind of user this wheelchair is suitable for. But among the many wheelchairs, there are two kinds of wheelchairs, called tilt wheelchair and reclining wheelchair. Their names both mean tilting, but the words are different. So what is the difference between the two? In short, the name differs because of the way it is slanted. Next, we will help you to distinguish the two kinds of wheelchairs, and let you know the purpose of a reclining wheelchair and tilt wheelchair.


Reclining Wheelchair

The reclining wheelchair is tilted by adjusting the angle of the backrest. During this process, the user's posture changes from sitting to lying down. For most wheelchair users, they will often remain in one position for long periods of time. This will not only make the user feel uncomfortable, but also compress the waist of the user, thus causing harm to the user's body in a subtle way. The reclining wheelchair changes the user's posture by adjusting the angle of the backrest, thereby relieving the pressure on the waist caused by long-term sitting.


Tilt Wheelchair

The Tilt wheelchair is tilted by adjusting the angle of the entire seat. During the tilting process, the user's sitting posture does not change. There are many purposes for this design. Restricted, helps the user compress by leaning to transfer pressure from the hips to a larger area of the back. Secondly, some users will lean forward due to physiological reasons, or even fall from the wheelchair, and tilting the seat backwards reduces the possibility of danger to a certain extent. Finally, reclining can also help users improve their sitting posture.

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