Prolonged Sitting And Wheelchair Users Health

Prolonged Sitting and Wheelchair Users Health



Sedentary means sitting still for more than 8-12 hours a day. Both white-collar workers and students are easy to sit for a long time. When sitting for a long time, the posture is fixed, which affects the joint activities. In the long run, it is easy to cause spinal injury. This is true for ordinary people, but for wheelchair users, the harm of sitting for a long time is even greater. 


So, what are the dangers of sitting for too long? Below are some common situations you should pay attention to.

Prolonged sitting affects the muscular system. Sitting for a long time will lead to the reduction of local blood in the muscles, which will lead to muscle hypoxia and ischemia, affect the contraction ability of muscles, and reduce muscle strength and tolerance.

Sitting for too long can also lead to osteoporosis, reduce the strength of joints and ligaments.

As mentioned earlier, sitting for long time will cause muscle weakness, which will also significantly reduce lung capacity.

Prolonged touch with the seat can cause damage to the skin and muscles, as well as fungal infections.

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Now we know the dangers of sitting in a wheelchair too long. Then I will give you some suggestions of reducing the risk of prolonged sitting.

When you feel obvious discomfort in the waist, you can make a fist and beat the sides of the waist. Time is about 5 minutes.

Move your legs and shoulders. The body parts most affected by sitting for a long time are the waist, back and shoulders. Timely movement of the stressed area can relieve discomfort.

In addition to the above methods, you can also choose a wheelchair that is suitable for sedentary sitting. Such as our wheelchairs designed according to ergonomics. Most importantly, for the health of wheelchair users, sedentary sitting should be avoided.

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