When a person has the ability to distinguish, he will know what is good, what is bad, and what is better, so he can choose the good and pursue the better. The history of wheelchair development just confirms this point of view. From the prototype of the wheelchair to today, various wheelchairs are continuously being designed and manufactured. It all stems from people's pursuit of better wheelchairs. This pursuit of better affairs has promoted the development of wheelchairs and brought convenience to users. People can choose wheelchairs that suit them according to their own needs, such as sports wheelchairs, all-terrain wheelchairs, light wheelchairs, standing wheelchairs, etc.


The subdivision of functions enables some special needs of wheelchair users to be met. Maximize the convenience of wheelchairs. But at this time someone will ask: "What is better than a wheelchair?". To know who is better requires comparison, and comparison is often made between things with the same characteristics. So what is the characteristic of a wheelchair? It is to assist people with reduced mobility to regain mobility. Mention that most people You will definitely think of transportation tools such as mobility scooter.

The function of the Senior scooter is similar to that of a wheelchair, and it also has some functions that wheelchairs do not have, such as a long driving distance. But is it fair to say that a mobility scooter is better than a wheelchair? This is definitely not possible. Although the users of wheelchairs and mobility scooters overlap, there are still differences. Scooter users tend to be more mobile than wheelchair users. So, what is better than a wheelchair? The idea we give is that what suits you is better. If you don't know what kind of wheelchair is suitable for you, you can consult our staff by phone or email.


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