What are The Different Types of Patient Lifts

Patient lifter is also refer to movable hoister,patient hoist. A Patient lift is an assistive equipment that can help caregivers transfer patients or elderly。A Patient lift sling is usually required to assist with the functionality. Most of its users are heavy and have difficulty in moving, requiring tools and assistance from others. Or they're injured and need a safe way to move them. Electric transfer machine to achieve paralysis, leg and foot injury patients or the elderly in the bed, wheelchair, seat, seat between the safe transfer, greatly reduce the intensity of nursing staff, improve the efficiency of nursing, reduce the risk of nursing.


There are many categories of Patient lifts, such as Sit to stand Patient Lifts, Stand Assist lift, walking train lift, installed Lifts, etc. We're going to focus on a few of our more popular lifts today. these lifts are the sturdy, comfortable, Take our products as examples. The material of our lifters is steel or aluminum alloy. This gives it a load of up to 150KG Operated by a family member at home. The foot of patient lift equipment can be arbitrarily adjusted within The specified Angle range.

Power patient lifts

Electric Patient Lifts can be broadly divided into two categories, plug-in and storage.

Plug in style patient Lifts. It is electrically controlled by wired plug, plug and play. It has the characteristics of low price and high-cost performance. However, the length of the plug determines the range of use, and cannot be used when the power is off.

Electric style patient Lifts. More stable operation; Charge first and then use, the use is not constrained by the plug wire wider range of activities; Strong battery life, 60 ups and downs when fully charged; There are emergency stop device and emergency descent device to deal with emergencies at any time. It can also be used outdoors.


Manual patient lifts

A manual patient lift is also called hydraulic patient. Hydraulic pressure is used to lift or lower the user. No power supply, manual hydraulic, easy and effortless; Simple and practical, no electronic failure rate; It has the characteristics of economic benefits and high-cost performance. The manual patient lift is to get rid of the power of the electric model. In a word, power style patient Lifts is the cost-effective one. You should choose a patient lift according to your requirements. 

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