What Are The Controls On A Mobility Scooter?

What Are the Controls on a Mobility Scooter?



We all know that the power of the mobility scooter comes from the battery. But do you know what is going on inside the mobility scooter during the period from when you control the operation panel to when the mobility scooter is driving? In this process, mainly the control system is working. The control system is mainly composed of two parts: information processing system and drive controller. When you start the mobility scooter, the intelligent information processing system will process the sensor information, send the control signal to the drive controller, and the drive controller will generate a drive signal to control the motor, thereby controlling the mobility scooter. In short, when you issue an operation command, the controller will send the command to the motor to provide power for the scooter.


 We mentioned the relevant knowledge about the mobility scooter controller earlier. The controller is an important part of the scooter. A good controller can transmit the user's instructions more quickly, accurately and smoothly. So that the electric scooter runs smoothly. In addition, a control that matches the user's habits can also bring a better experience to the user. Today I will introduce two mainstream controls of scooter.


The first are paddle controls. These controls are often used on light and medium medicare approved mobility scooters. The mobility scooter using this kind of controls usually has Electromagnetic Brake. When the user's hands leave the sense of control, the disability scooter will automatically stop running. It is very suitable for people with slow reaction speed such as the elderly. Another kind of handlebar controls. This kind of controls is usually used on faster or heavy-duty scooters, but it needs to be used with brakes, so it has higher requirements for users. Based on the above situation, the Senior scooter usually chooses the first type of controls.


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