Turn Your Manual Wheelchair Into Electric Wheelchair

Wheelchairs give senior or disabled people a perfect mobility solution. You can regain mobility freedom with it. There are kinds of wheelchairs you can choose from. Different models of wheelchair has its own features to meet user’s requirements. Some of them has high back, meanwhile some of them can climb stairs. Generally, wheel chair contain manual wheelchair and power wheelchair which also be called electric wheelchair. Commonly, the user of manual wheelchair face a bad situation and it is hard for them to operate a power wheelchair. But there also are some people want to exercise through their manual wheelchairs. Meanwhile, they lose the long distance travel function of power wheelchair. If you want enjoy the both function of manual wheelchair and power wheelchair, you need buy manual and power wheelchair. That is not a good choice. How to enjoy but needn’t waste money? There is a conversion kit can help you. With it, you can turn you manual wheelchair into power wheelchair.

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You can see this wheelchair attachment handcycle. It can be connected with most manual wheelchairs very quickly and easily. Just need a simple operation to connect the trailer with your wheelchair so as to make your manual wheelchair electrical. There are two connectors, you just need to connect with manual wheelchair through it. Your manual wheelchair will be a electric wheelchair. After connecting, you can enjoy your tremendous outdoor travel.

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When you needn't use it or once the battery is run out, it's easy to separate the trailer from your wheelchair in a few minutes and remain the manual wheelchair's function. news6.8 (3)

Driving a electric bike is an excellent way to enjoy outdoor traveling. This handbike’s max forward speed can reach 25KM/H and easy to control. And its max driving distance is about 50KM. That means you can go some place that you can not go before or some place you want go for a long time. It can bring you unique experience that is different from power wheelchair. 12inch tire and 36V350W motor make it suit all terrain. You can drive it to travel. Uneven road and lawn can not stop you. You can go anywhere with your family member, friend or just yourself. The net weight of this electric bike conversion kit is only 17KG. It is portable and easy to store. That means you can take it with you, and turn your manual wheelchair into power wheel chair anytime and anywhere.

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If you have owned a manual wheelchair and want a power wheelchair or want to exercise by wheelchair and have a long distance travel, you shouldn’t hesitate. Why not take action to try it and get an unique experience. If you want to know more about it, please contact us or click below link. Our professional team will help you to know this power assisted wheelchair.


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