Mobile Stairlift VS Stair Lift

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Many seniors or the disabled have mobility issues to a greater or lesser extent. They can usually use mobility scooter or wheelchair to walk around. Stairs are obstacles that these means of transport cannot over through. So they can only stay on the first floor, if there are stairs in front of the door, then their travel has become a problem, can not enjoy space freedom. They have worked hard all their lives, but now they are unable to enjoy a wonderful life because the stairs limit their mobility. Some people will choose to install a lift, which alleviates this problem to a large extent. Stair lift is not suitable for everyone because its usage scenarios are limited, can only be used where they are installed, and are not flexible enough. In addition, its price and maintenance costs are high, and not everyone can afford it. That's when you need a product with a stair lift feature, but at a much lower price. Next I'll introduce you to this product and tell you why it's better for you.

Selection and installation

Stair lift

1, you need to choose the right stair lift according to your stairs, financial ability, etc.

2, stair lift on the stairs of the wide and landing space have requirements, straight stairs and curved stairs on the stair lift requirements are also different, and the stair lift also needs professional engineers to install.

stair climbing chair

1, you only need to choose the stair chair with your own aesthetics, and there is no need to struggle with the price, because each one is cheaper than the stair lift.

2, stair climbing wheelchair can be used without installing the expansion. Suitable for most stairs and not taking up space.

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Use and Maintenance

Stair lift

1, stair lift operation is simple, single person can be used, no need for others to assist.

2, the use of the scene is limited to the installation, if you want to use it elsewhere, you need to install it separately.

3. Although the installed stair lift can be folded, it will still occupy a certain staircase space.

4, its load capacity of about 150KG.

5, maintenance is very complicated, not only the content of maintenance is complex, the cost of maintenance is also very high, you need to pay an annual fee to have your lift maintained, and need professional engineers to maintain.

Stair Climbing Chair

1, motorized stair climbing wheelchair can not be single person operation, need help from others. But the operation is simple and effortless.

2, the use is very flexible, not limited by the scene. Think of this stair lift as a mobile stair ladder.

3. Folded storage when not in use, placed in the corner of the direction, does not occupy space at all.

4. Load capacity up to 169KG.

5. You can climb 3500 stairs on a single charge.

6, stair chair basically no maintenance. Just do your daily cleaning, pay attention to the wear and tear of the components and the use of the battery.

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Stair lifts are expensive to install and maintain. Its installation cost is affected by a variety of factors. For example, curved stair lifts are more expensive than straight stair lifts. Overall, the cost of installing a stair lift is around $2,000, and there is no cap on it. This is only the cost of installation, and the cost of maintenance thereafter is not included.

Stair climbing wheelchair is much cheaper. Taking our products as an example, depending on the material and configuration, the price range is 600-1200USD.

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