Manual or Power Wheelchair

To purchase a wheelchair isn't easily, and you must do research to ensure you choose the right one for daily use. There are many types of wheelchairs, which can be roughly divided into manual and power wheelchair. Choosing between a manual and a power wheelchair is a hard task. Looking at the advantages and disadvantages to both types of wheelchairs before determining is a best way to help you make decisions.

Manual Wheelchair


1).Easy to transport and easy to use
Manual wheelchair is very light and folding commonly. Using it indoor or outdoor is very convenient. It is also very easy to be put into car. Usage of manual wheelchair is pushing by assistant or turn the wheels by themselves.
2).Little maintenance required
Manual wheelchair need little maintenance. User should do Daily cleaning of wheelchairs. In addition, pay attention the health of the components.
3).Provides exercise.
Using a wheelchair is also an exercise for the user. Therefore, many people choose sport wheelchair after mobility limited.

1. Rely on assistance.
The use of manual wheelchairs usually requires assistance from others. It will be very inconvenient operating by themselves alone .
2. Require some strength to use.
For the elderly or people who are weak due to illness, wheelchairs are very unfriendly. If there is no assistance, the wheelchair becomes an ordinary chair.
3. Hard to go long distances.
Manual wheelchair requires user’s upper-body strength to operate. So it will be very hard to go a long distance.

traditional wheelchair
new wheelchair

Power Wheelchair

1.Independence and freedom
Power wheelchair makes more places accessible and you can decided where to go. For the wheelchair is powered, so you can reach some places that you can’t when you use a manual wheelchair. Power wheelchairs Have controller. The user can controls the speed and the direction. A power wheelchair will give you freedom.
2.Safety for use
Most power wheelchairs now have Electromagnetic Brake. When the user is not operating, the wheelchair will automatically stop. Even on the slopes, can stop steadily. Some wheelchairs also have anti-back wheels. Because of these, power wheelchairs can adapt to a variety of terrains.
There are many styles of electric wheelchairs. If you have special requirements for use, you will definitely be able to find the corresponding one. For example, commonly users operate power wheelchairs by the hands.  But now people can operate wheelchair by mouth or body movement. As for the color and style, there are more options.
Besides above main advantages, there are several thing deserve mentioned. If you no longer have the strength to use a manual wheelchair, that will be hard for you ,but power wheelchair doesn’t allow this.

1. Heavier than manual wheelchairs
Since the electric wheelchair is fitted with accessories such as battery and motor, it will be a little heavier than the manual wheelchair. But this weight is acceptable. Most electric wheelchairs can be folded, and although the weight has increased, it is still convenient to use.
2. Require regular maintenance
In addition to daily cleaning. Users need pay attention to the condition of brake, motor, tire, cushion, frame and so on.


Another Option

  An assistive device has emerged that can convert a manual wheelchair into an electric wheelchair. There is some difference between its driving style and electric wheelchair, which will give you a different experience. If you are a user of an electric wheelchair, consider it, it will bring a different experience to your life. With it, you can enjoy almost all the advantages of manual wheelchair and power wheelchair.

Product Advantages


Electromagnetic brake,

automatic induction


autonomous control direction


Various color styles

Post time: May-07-2022