How to Increase Wheelchair Speed?

How To Increase Wheelchair Speed?



The role of the wheelchair is to help mobility limited people regain mobility ability. If you or your loved one is a wheelchair user, you will find that as the wheelchair is constantly used, the movement will become less smooth and the speed will decrease. This happens in both manual and electric wheelchairs. So many people will ask: "How can I make my manual wheelchair faster? Or How can I increase my wheelchair speed?". Next, I will introduce a few ways to improve the speed of the wheelchair.



Manual Wheelchair


First, reducing weight increases wheelchair speed. Try not to carry heavy objects when using a wheelchair, and do not add shopping bags and other devices by yourself. When choosing a wheelchair, you should also pay attention to the material of the wheelchair. A wheelchair with an iron frame is often heavy, while a wheelchair with a carbon fiber frame is super light.

Secondly, the speed can be increased by replacing the wheels. A wheelchair with larger wheels is easier to push than smaller wheels, so it goes faster.

Finally, there is also a wheelchair power add-on for increased speed. After adding external power to the wheelchair, it can not only increase the speed of the wheelchair but also be very convenient.


Power Wheelchair


First of all, electric wheelchairs can also increase speed by reducing weight. In addition to reducing unnecessary weight and opting for a lighter frame, there is also the option to use lithium batteries to reduce the weight of the wheelchair.

Second, increase the power of the wheelchair. The power of the wheelchair comes from the battery, and you can choose a high-power and large-capacity battery to provide stronger power to the wheelchair, thereby increasing the speed.

Finally, choosing a better or more powerful motor can also increase the speed of the wheelchair. The motor is a device that converts electrical energy into kinetic energy. A well-selected motor can increase the conversion rate and improve power. It is also possible to increase the speed of the wheelchair.


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