How to Get A Patient Out Of A Toilet in A Wheelchair

Wheelchair is an important means of transportation for the elderly, mobility limited people and the disabled. There are records of wheelchairs in the Southern and Northern Dynasties of China and ancient Greece. Today, people's desire for mobility has led to the rapid development of wheelchairs. From the initial manual wheelchair to the current stair climbing wheelchair and competitive wheelchair, wheelchairs have changed from a tool to compensate for physical defects to an indispensable assistant for the user. The development of wheelchairs maximizes the user's mobility, but some physical activities are unavoidable, such as going to the bathroom. If a wheelchair user needs to go to the toilet, it will be more difficult for them without help.

How to Get A Patient Out Of A Toilet in A Wheelchair2

So, is there any way to transport a wheelchair user from toilet to wheelchair. Of course there is. There are two of the most common methods, and I'll introduce them to you one by one.

1. Lifter

The first method is to transfer through a lifter, allowing the user to transfer between the toilet and the wheelchair. This kind of lift is also called patient lift. It consists of two parts, the first part is the sling, whose function is to wrap the user. The second part is the main frame, which completes the rising and falling movements. The disadvantage of this method is that the operation needs to be done by someone else and cannot be done by the wheelchair user.

2. Toilet Wheelchair

The second method is to combine the wheelchair and toilet to make a toilet wheelchair. Simply put, it is to add a commode under the wheelchair. In this way, the wheelchair user can use the commode at any time without the assistance of another person. After using it, just clean up the commode.

That's all for how to enable a wheelchair user to move between a wheelchair and a toilet. You can choose the appropriate method according to your needs.

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