How to Choose a Mobility Scooter

Ⅰ  What is a mobility scooter
Mobility scooters can be seen as electric vehicles or mobility auxiliary tool.  It functions are similar to wheelchairs. These scooters are built for people who have trouble walking or getting around, but don't quite need a power wheelchair yet.
Usually, a mobility scooter has a seat, three or four wheels, a flat area or foot plates for the feet, and handlebars or a delta-style steering arrangement in front to turn the steerable wheels.
There are also many important parts like brake, motor and battery. And mobility scooters are usually battery powered, and is usually charged through an onboard or separate battery charger unit from standard electric power.
A mobility scooter is an ideal solution for people that mobility limited or a source of transportation for seniors. It gives them the freedom to go out. And a mobility scooter will be a useful tools and be with you for a long time. So, it is very important to choose a perfect mobility scooter.

Factors to consider
Your figure
A smaller scooter has a smaller seat. And a bigger scooter has a bigger seat. Different models of mobility scooter have different weight capacity. So you have to consider your size and weight.
How do you use it
Your scooter is only used for walking or getting close to home.
Your scooter is used to cover long distances.
The four-wheel scooter is always more stable than the three-wheel scooter.
The price of mobility scooter
The price range of mobility scooter is wide for different brands and hardware configuration. A high price is not always the best. And low prices usually means quality may not be guaranteed. So choose the one that suits you best.
It needn’t to tell you that comfort is one of the important factors when we measure products. An ergonomic product will give us a better driving experience.
There are countless scooter models on the market. We have many choices. In that case, why not choose a product you love at first sight.
If you are driving a scooter around, you must want to know that you are driving a safe piece of equipment.
Mobility scooter is designed to be driven on the road. So we should pay attention to the safety. Especially at night, we should make sure that we can be seen by others. Indicators should be available.
After-sale service
Mobility scooter will serve for a long time. It makes after-sale service more important. Nobody want their mobility scooter to be a disposable items

The type of mobility scooter
We could classify Scooter in many ways.
For example; 3 wheel mobility scooters and 4 wheel mobility scooters, 3 wheel  are lightweight and 4 wheel are more stable longer battery life, and an increased weight capacity; Folding and unfolding mobility scooters. But I wanted to classify Scooter in another way.
Compact, small and light scooters
This scooter is for travel, which fold or are easily disassembled into smaller parts for transport, and it also for short distance driving. You can drive it to shopping mall or garden to enjoy your life. And it is designed for users who keep on flat surfaces like a home or for shopping.
Let me take our product as example.

This is a compact scooter in our company. Next, I will make have a vividly understanding about it through date.

Overall Size 102*56*98CM
Folded Size 56*54*76cm
Seat Size 34*46*38CM
N.W 30KG
Loading weight 100KG
Max Gradient 10
Endurance 15+-5KM
Max speed 6KM/H
Radius of turning circle 1M

Through the overall size and folded size, we can know the scooter is compact. Compact means its weight and loading weight are low. Meanwhile, its speed is lower and driving distance is shorter. But it will be more flexible.  

Large and heavy scooters

This is designed for rough outdoor terrain and long distanceSuch scooters tend to travel longer distances and carry more loads. In some meanings, it can replace car. Some of them may be folded but not easily carried. Come to an conclusion, this scooter for longer distance driving but for trip

Overall Size 150*66*97CM
N.W 105KG
G.W 134KG
Loading weight 150KG
Max Gradient 15
Endurance 40KM
Max speed 12KM/H
Radius of turning circle 1.5M
Obstacle crossing 5CM

There is nothing but date can make people have intuitive feeling. The size, net weight and loading weight tell us that this one is a hulk in mobility. He is powerful and stronger. And its speed and endurance is better than other scooters. So, if you want to go a long way or have a heavy weight, this one is your first choice. Meanwhile, if its advantages are you wanted, the disadvantages like not flexible and unfolding cannot be a matter. 

Mid-range scooters

You can think of it as a combination of the first two. It can be folded easily to carry, but also has a long distance and a better load capacity. If you want to drive your scooter go around and to shopping mall, meanwhile, also want take your scooter for a trip, this is your best choice.

Overall Size 102*56*98CM
Folded Size 56*54*76cm
Seat Size 34*46*38CM
N.W 30KG
G.W 33KG
Loading weight 120KG
Max Gradient 10
Endurance 20+-5KM
Max speed 6KM/H
Radius of turning circle 1M

Both the appearance and date show us this scooter is a combination of compact scooter and large scooter. Its parameters is between them. It suits a little further and slightly heavier people. Even it isnt as convenient as compact scooter, it still can be folded and put into car.

Hope these can help you choose a suitable mobility scooter.

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