Can You Add Power to A Wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are the preferred means of travel for many elderly people or people with disabilities. Manual wheelchairs, including sports wheelchairs, are very light and folding, which can meet the daily travel needs of users. With a wheelchair, users can shop and travel. However, if the uneven road surface is not suitable for wheelchairs or long-distance traveling is required, manual wheelchairs will not provide convenience, but will bring certain difficulties to users. Because the power source of the manual wheelchair is the care giver or the user himself, when encountering the above situation, it is difficult to overcome it only by manpower. At this time, the user needs the help of external power.


So where do these motivations come from? The most common source of power is electricity. We can see the use of electricity everywhere, and it is also a good choice to use it as a power source for wheelchairs. The next step is how to connect the power to the wheelchair. As we all know, there are roughly two kinds of force that change the direction of motion of an object, one is pulling force and the other is pushing force. The wheelchair power add-on is to drive the motor through electricity, so as to generate force to drive the wheelchair.

According to the working principle of the wheelchair power assist mentioned earlier. These products can be roughly divided into two categories, one is the front drive, and the other is the rear drive. So, what is the difference between the two. First of all, the rear braking force is to connect a wheel to the rear of the wheelchair, and the movement of the wheel drives the wheelchair forward or backward. This type of equipment generally requires the user to turn the wheel of the wheelchair to control the direction, and the speed is very low. It is difficult to drive normally when encountering complex road conditions. Secondly, the front power equipment usually refers to the wheelchair attachment handbike. This kind of device is generally powerful enough, and the steering setting is the same as that of riding a bicycle. This means that users can drive on any road conditions and have a long battery life. The most important thing is that it is easy to operate. If you need to buy a wheelchair power assist device but don't know much about it. Please feel free to contact our staff for assistance.

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