Can An Electric Wheelchair Be in The Rain?

Electric wheelchairs are more convenient than manual wheelchairs. Because the electric wheelchair does not require the help of others, the user can control the wheelchair to go wherever they want. However, users of electric wheelchairs often need to put more effort into maintaining electric wheelchairs. An important part of this is to keep the wheelchair from being in wet condition for a long time. When it comes to this, many people ask "Can an electric wheelchair be used in the rain?" or "What problems of electric wheelchair can be cause for wet surroundings ”. It is certain that the wet environment and the rain will have an impact on the wheelchair.


So what exactly are these effects? Next, I will list a few key points for you to help you realize the impact of rain or humidity on electric wheelchairs.

First, water can affect battery usage. Because of the need to fold, the battery is usually on the bottom or side of the wheelchair and is contained in the battery compartment. To a certain extent, the battery is exposed, and the battery's water resistance doesn't fully guarantee that the battery is drip-proof. Although the core components have a waterproof design, most of them are secret components and are not moisture-proof.

Second, it will affect electronic parts such as motors and controllers. Half of the motor is near the wheel. When passing through a flooded road, the motor will be soaked in water. This affects the stability of the function. And water is the natural enemy of precision components like controllers.

Finally, rain and humidity will make the wheelchair frame rust. When the frame is rusted, it will affect the overall stability of the wheelchair and cause potential safety problems.

The above are all problems that can occur when exposed to rain or in a humid environment. Therefore, we must avoid heavy rain or prolonged exposure to wet conditions for wheelchairs. If your electric wheelchair gets wet in the rain, don't turn on the power rashly, but dry the water first, otherwise it may cause a short circuit. We recommend that wheelchair users keep their wheelchairs out of the rain when it rains. And the rain is not good for the human body. In addition, do not leave the wheelchair in a humid environment during daily storage.

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