Indoor Using - Excellent

Our products cover a wide range of application scenarios. One of them is indoor using where like home or office. Commonly such products’ target users are the disabled. Almost all home use products have the following characteristics.

1. Easy and precise operation: There usually are narrow passages for users in home for there are many furniture. That means users’ wheelchair or mobility scooter should be controlled precisely. Our all mobility scooters and power wheelchairs are with Electromagnetic Brake and brand controller.


EXC-1003 Foldable 4 Wheel Scooter


Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

2. Compact: Not all houses are big and roomy enough. It require users’ power wheelchair, manual wheelchair or mobility scooter is compact enough to fit users’ house. The overall size of EXC-2005 is 1100(L)*660(W)*930(H)mm. You can go freely in your house with it. There also are many other compact models.

3. Functional devices: There are functional devices like patient transfer chair, patient lift, stair climbing wheelchair and so on. Besides stair climbing wheelchair can be used as a manual wheelchair outdoor, patient handling and transfer chairs are totally indoor using products. They also are used in bathroom, and are convenient for people with limited mobility.

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